The first consultation is free

Initial site visit is £70 (exclusive of VAT)

The hourly rate is £70 (exclusive of VAT where applicable and expenses). Currently Planning Solutions Edinburgh is not registered for VAT and so you will not be charged it!

The hourly rate will cover the following:

  • Technical work (including research) arising from the implementation of the instructions received from the Client;
  • Meetings with the Client, local authority representatives, other consultants or advisors associated with the work, and relevant external organisations;
  • Site visits and visits to the locality where necessary for the proper functioning of our role;
  • Research into the site history where necessary;
  • Examination and consideration of the background history, documents, materials, development plan and other relevant statutory and non-statutory policy documents;
  • Writing, editing, proof reading and correcting of reports, statements, etc;
  • General advice to the Client;
  • All necessary incidental correspondence (including e-mail) and telephone communication in connection with the work.
  • Preparing design and access statements
  • Preparing planning statements
  • Design briefs
  • Preparing and submitting planning applications

Travelling time would usually be charged at 50% of the hourly rate.

Where an estimate has been given by us of the anticipated costs the Client recognises and agrees that this can only be an estimate. By the nature of the planning system it is necessarily impossible to give a precise forecast of the amount of time that the work will take if it is to be pursued diligently and thoroughly. However we undertake to endeavour to work within the fee estimate and failing this to advise the Client as soon as it appears that the likely final costs will be significantly greater than estimated. At this point the Client’s instructions to proceed further will be sought.

Any fee estimate is exclusive of VAT (where chargeable).

Disbursements and expenses (including travelling, copying and printing costs, plans, etc.) will be re-charged at cost, in addition to fees.

Where any statutory fees are due to be paid to local authorities, Land Registry, or others in respect of any applications, appeals, etc., such fees shall be the responsibility of the Client and we shall have no liability whatsoever in respect of such fees. The necessary fees shall be rendered by the Client promptly upon request and shall be paid to the receiving authority via PSE.

Where it has been agreed between us and the Client that another consultant or consultants (such as an architect, engineer, noise consultant, traffic expert or landscape architect) should be instructed by or on behalf of the Client, the Client shall have full responsibility for the payment of any fees, costs, expenses or charges due to such third party for work carried out on behalf of the Client.

Depending on the nature of the project PSE  may require a payment on account at the commencement of the work and will bill you monthly thereafter. This avoids you being faced with a large bill at the conclusion of the work.

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